Review of Magnolia

Dave Hardin (from the album Magnolia) – The stories of Dave Hardin are staged as small town lives with big values, heartbeats that pump with resolve, and a pragmatic view of life that tempers hardship. Magnolia, his recent release, picks topics that rattle chains like the Crazy-Horse style guitar attack that rails against a “Judas Tree” bursting out of Southern Rock soil, lightly taps out disdain for a lack of dreamtime in “Not Enough Morning”, picks out a mountain tune for a woman far from home in “Lexington”, and strums a sad strength for the hard work of “Hillbilly Man”. Magnolia puts its foot down on a rock’n’roll beat as a hard luck man make a one last chance call with “I Know You Don’t Want This” while Dave Hardin slowly stretches “Can’t See Nothin’” out over a growing soundscape of Americana.

The Alternate Root

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